Microsoft Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Microsoft Login:


Microsoft Login Instructions:

1. Enter the Microsoft homepage URL into your browser:

2. Click the Sign in button located in the uppermost right part of the page, beside the "Install Office" option.

3. Choose between the two options provided to login: 1. The Microsoft Account (To sign in with your accounts used for SkyDrive, Xbox LIVE, and other Microsoft services) OR 2. The Organizational Account (To sign in with the account provided by your work or school to use with Office 365 or other Microsoft Services.

4. Key in your email address and password in the textboxes provided.

5. Check the "Keep me signed in" option only if you are using a personal computer.

6. Click the Sign In button to finalize the login process.



Microsoft Login Reset Instructions

1. Follow steps 1-3 in the Microsoft Login instructions indicated above.

2. Click the "Can't access your account?" option below the sign in button.

3. Users with Microsoft account should be redirected to this page:

Organizational Account users can click through this link: 

4. As the pages instruct, users with Microsoft Account should provide their Microsoft account email in the box provided (ex: Likewise, users with Organizational Account should be able to provide their user IDs (ex: or

5. Enter the captcha characters provided on your screen.

6. If the captcha characters are not comprehensible, you can request for a new set of captcha code by clicking "New" or you can also listen to its audio counterpart by clicking the "Audio" option.

7. Click the "Next" button below to proceed.

8. Check the account you entered in the Reset process for further instructions on how to fully change your existing password.


Contact Details: 

If you are still having trouble or you have specific queries in mind, just contact Microsoft directly with the contact details indicated below:

Online Office Support:

Customer Service: 1-800-Microsoft (642-7676)

Live Chat with Customer Service:!chat-button-name=chat-NA.EN.CS.CON.PSTSLS.GENERAL-6&SV!chat-button-room=chat-NA.EN.CS.CON.PSTSLS.GENERAL-6&referrer=(button%20dynamic-button:chat-NA.EN.CS.CON.PSTSLS.GENERAL-6(Microsoft%20Support))%20http%3A//

Accessibility Support: 1-800-936-5900

Technical Support Request:

Official Microsoft Customer Service Support Help:



Visit their Forums:

Facebook page: